Based in and around Galway City and County. With future workshops/ courses planned in Siwa Oasis, Egypt.

In a world where local tradition is impacted severely by globalisation and an extent of craft practices world wide are undergoing extinction - JOURNEYS IN CLAY sets out to operate as a learning hub, creating discourse regarding the contested role of craft in the wider global context.

JOURNEYS IN CLAY aims to place dialogue and a community engaged ethos at the forefront of its practice thereby creating a framework within which to actively re-position the (formerly staid) position of craft practice and its contribution to contemporary cultural discourse.

Our present field of research refers to Bob Quinn's pivotal research on The Atlantean Theory amongst other ideas exploring ancient trade routes between Ireland and the Maghreb region of N Africa and the myriad of cultural associations connected with this.

 * call out for applications on a project of this theme coming soon.


We also undertake Masterclasses to teach the rudiments of hand building and to explore traditional (inc smoke/ bonfire) techniques for firing pottery.

An exploration into shared knowledge through a variety of hand
building mediums inc coiling, pinching, slabbing, (organic)

Traditional hand building passed down from generation to generation
What happens when the link is broken? -
We will be looking in particular at traditional African hand
building practices –

Opportunity to work in small group master classes of 1:1 and
small group situations with an experienced hand builder.

Master Classes offered.

Pit Firing
– traditional methods / bisquit methods

enquiries -

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